19 Thoughts on Lady Bird
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1. I went in expecting to like it but I really liked it. Expectations were exceeded. That’s rare.

2. So, I guess I have to watch all of Greta Gerwig’s movies now. I’ve already seen Greenberg, Maggie’s Plan, and Frances Ha (which I really enjoyed). Now I have to see Hannah Takes the Stairs, Nights and Weekends, and American Mistress.

3. I like it when the actors in a high school movie look like they could be in high school (which means they’re in their early twenties).

4. “Saoirse, like ‘inertia.'” She said that on Colbert, now you won’t forget.

5. I guess I need to watch Atonement.

6. I loved how she ended up loving Sacramento. Even though they’re completely different, it reminded me of my love for Rochester.

7. I went to a Jesuit high school. So, it was Catholic and all boys. I was in a production of Brigadoon with the local Catholic girls school, Mercy. I was in the chorus. It was kind of a drag.

8. Cloves cigarettes. That was a fun week freshman year of college.

9. Father Leviatch broke my heart.

10. I like it when the main character’s house looks like a real house with stacks of papers and crap everywhere.

11. My soundtrack for my own Lady Bird-esque coming of age movie: “What Would You Say” – DMB, “Mamma said knock you out” – LL Cool J, “In a Daydream” – Freddy Jones Band, “Closer” – Nine Inch Nails, “Mr. Jones” – Counting Crows, the sound of a modem connecting over the phone line.

12. I called that Danny was gay.

13. When Lady Bird and Danny hugged behind the coffee shop, that also broke my heart.

14. I saw Tracy Letts in a TJ and Dave show. I had no idea who he was. I was actually bummed that some dude was butting in on my second TJ and Dave show. If only I had any idea who I was watching.

15. Julie was awesome. (The actress is Jonah Hill’s sister.)

16. Laurie Metcalf is a national treasure. Her scene in the car kind of broke my heart.

17. I think it’s got a real shot at best picture at the Oscars.

18. I saw the movie yesterday and I keep thinking about it and high school and acceptance letters and my own parents and my house and my own hometown and how the movie was so much different from that but also the same and how that’s what art should do, make you reflect on life somehow.

19. That pro-life assembly scene was gold.

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