A Weed Dealer Known Simply as The Guy: High Maintenance Is Back

High Maintenance season two premiered last Friday on HBO.

The Real New Year’s Resolution: Write Every Day

Fair warning, though, it's not all going to be good.

The Best Episodes of Television

They're all from cult classic TV shows but that's just how I roll.

A Forty Year Old Home Alone on a Friday Night

Here's what's going on with me right now.

Albums I Can Listen to from Start to Finish

The albums that I love in their entirety aren't necessarily my favorites.

Black Mirror: WTF Am I Watching This For?

Some thoughts on the first three "new" episodes.

Success at Any Age! …I Guess

You can still make it! Unless you don't!

My Dad and Computers

My father had high hopes for and little understanding of my technology career.


Storytelling at Halyards

Just feeling thankful for my show.

It’s a Slippery Slope

In honor of a crappy day of snowboarding, here's my favorite Spalding Gray monologue that happens to be about skiing.

Self-Help Is Bullshit and It’s Totally Working For Me Right Now

If the daily routines that are working for me are psychosomatic, I'm cool with that.

The Post

Fun fact: I worked on this movie for one day.