On Forced Enthusiasm: I Wanted To Be A Millionaire

When the only requirement is, "Be happy!" I'm out.

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Waiting by the Side of the River for a Toaster Oven

"Wait long enough by the side of the river and you will see the body of your enemy floating by." It's either Sun Tzu or Rising Sun, either way, I like it.

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Some Thoughts on Guided By Voices

Some bands I like to namecheck, and one of them is GBV.

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Caring for Your New Cast Iron Pan!

Congrats on making the jump over to cast iron! Teflon is for suckers! You're going to enjoy the versatility of cooking with your new pan so much you won't ever want to go back. And the best part? It lasts forever!


New Study Shows: Overthinkers and Worriers, Everyone Is Talking About You Behind Your Back

If you have an anxious mind then perhaps your ears are burning. A new study from the University of Michigan shows a significant link between social anxiety and people talking about you behind your back.


Outsider 2016

Mario Cuomo said that you campaign in poetry and you govern in prose. To us Americans, every election, nothing is more poetic than the myth of the outsider.


6 Times Key and Peele Got Incredibly Dark

Key and Peele never shied away from some really uncomfortable sketches.

The Music Videos of David Fincher

I like his movies but I didn't know until now how much I liked his videos.

An Open Letter to James Altucher

No, seriously, what do I do now?

The State and The Axe Murderer

The State and The Axe Murderer


It Was Just A Car

After having paid yet another parking ticket and after driving with the check engine light on for a week, I decided that it was time to get rid of my car.

On Becoming a Man Sorta

I think that any concept I have of masculinity comes from my father's benevolent nihilism and I always wondered if not having a dad himself made him so atypically dad-like.

Some Mild Thoughts on the Gun Control Debate

Do I really need to say anything about gun control? Well, maybe a few things.


Over the past few years there has been a spate of articles decrying the lost soul of New York. If New York is so devoid of culture and just like any other city and it's just a corporate shell of its former self, then you can leave.

Today I’m Thinking About Hillary

I didn't volunteer much but it offers me a glimmer of hope on inauguration day.