A Weed Dealer Known Simply as The Guy: High Maintenance Is Back

High Maintenance season two premiered last Friday on HBO.

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The Real New Year’s Resolution: Write Every Day

Fair warning, though, it's not all going to be good.

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The Best Episodes of Television

They're all from cult classic TV shows but that's just how I roll.

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Ask The Asshole Commenting on Your Friend’s Facebook Status

Out of nowhere, The Asshole Commenting on Your Friend's Facebook Status brings you the truth you didn't ask for.

The Porno Bin


Every Credit Card Chip Experience I’ve Had Thus Far

Thank God for the chip!

What Exactly Is There to Figure Out About Trump Voters?

We need to practice respect and compassion... unless the person you're arguing against believes something dumb.


Some Thoughts on Guided By Voices

Some bands I like to namecheck, and one of them is GBV.

I Saw 50 Shades Darker On Valentine’s Day And It Was Awesome

Want to enjoy a movie? Watch it with drunk women.

Was Horace and Pete Improvised?

Louis CK's latest output is a drama with and all-star cast. It also has some problems and plot holes that can easily be explained and forgiven if the production were improvised.


Horace and Pete Episode 2

Episode 1 of Horace and Pete underwhelmed despite its surprise release. Episode 2 sees the show finding its footing. It's still shaky but I'm interested.

Eh, Fuck It, Let’s Talk About Death Some More

I've been talking about death a lot lately, so, why stop now?

My Girlfriend Doesn’t Like Baseball

At some point you let go of who you want your girlfriend to be and pay attention to who she is.

Christmas Darkness

I love December twenty-fifth but I hate December twenty-third. That's the day my mother died. Each year on that day, people who know will ask me if I'm doing okay. And I'm fine. It's just a day.

Made In Brooklyn

I know very little about my parents' courtship or their wedding. I also know very little about the day that I was born. I do, however, know where I was conceived.


Reading Bukowski's Factotum made me look back at my own jobs.