On Forced Enthusiasm: I Wanted To Be A Millionaire

When the only requirement is, "Be happy!" I'm out.

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Waiting by the Side of the River for a Toaster Oven

"Wait long enough by the side of the river and you will see the body of your enemy floating by." It's either Sun Tzu or Rising Sun, either way, I like it.

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Some Thoughts on Guided By Voices

Some bands I like to namecheck, and one of them is GBV.

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Holy Fuck! 11 Stock Images of Hands on Fucking Keyboards!

Nothing gets me pumped like career advice and productivity hacks.


9 Lifehacks for Proven Success

There is nothing more helpful than a bunch of humblebrags disguised as lifehacks.


Quiz: Is That Cool?

How well do you know how my day is going?


No hugging, No learning: Seinfeldia

It's a show within a show within a world where everyone watches the show.

An Open Letter to James Altucher

No, seriously, what do I do now?

The State and The Axe Murderer

The State and The Axe Murderer


My Top 10 Key and Peele Sketches

To conclude my Key and Peele posts, I'm just going to list my favorite episodes.

On Becoming a Man Sorta

I think that any concept I have of masculinity comes from my father's benevolent nihilism and I always wondered if not having a dad himself made him so atypically dad-like.

Christmas Darkness

I love December twenty-fifth but I hate December twenty-third. That's the day my mother died. Each year on that day, people who know will ask me if I'm doing okay. And I'm fine. It's just a day.

Eh, Fuck It, Let’s Talk About Death Some More

I've been talking about death a lot lately, so, why stop now?

A Supposedly Great Life I’ll Only Live Once

I think too much but sometimes we get reminders from the universe that we need to snap out of it.

The New Year

After the New Year, we're left with the literal and metaphorical hangover of January.