On Disappearing Completely

Rejecting everything doesn't solve anything.

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All of My Damn Notebooks

Damn, I've got a lot of notebooks.

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On Forced Enthusiasm: I Wanted To Be A Millionaire

When the only requirement is, "Be happy!" I'm out.

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Caring for Your New Cast Iron Pan!

Congrats on making the jump over to cast iron! Teflon is for suckers! You're going to enjoy the versatility of cooking with your new pan so much you won't ever want to go back. And the best part? It lasts forever!


Growing My Vocabulary

It's time to stop glossing over words that I don't know when I read them in a book or article. I'm going to stop, look up the definition, and then try to use it!

New Study Shows: Overthinkers and Worriers, Everyone Is Talking About You Behind Your Back

If you have an anxious mind then perhaps your ears are burning. A new study from the University of Michigan shows a significant link between social anxiety and people talking about you behind your back.



Was Horace and Pete Improvised?

Louis CK's latest output is a drama with and all-star cast. It also has some problems and plot holes that can easily be explained and forgiven if the production were improvised.


On Disappearing Completely

Rejecting everything doesn't solve anything.

An Open Letter to James Altucher

No, seriously, what do I do now?


Some Thoughts on Guided By Voices

Some bands I like to namecheck, and one of them is GBV.

Pot And Me: An Acquaintance Story

I'm amazed that I was never a pot head. Growing up in the suburbs of upstate New York, I had shoulder length hair, wore Birkenstocks, and liked jam band music. Hell, I went to Phish concerts sober. Who does that?

My English Teacher’s Life Story Blew My Mind or: How I Got a 5 on My AP English Exam

In high school, I worried about what I thought was my life. Meanwhile, my teacher had lived a hell of a life I never knew about.

Christmas Darkness

I love December twenty-fifth but I hate December twenty-third. That's the day my mother died. Each year on that day, people who know will ask me if I'm doing okay. And I'm fine. It's just a day.

9/11 Fifteen Years Later

It gets easier to think about 9/11 with each passing year but fifteen years ago was the worst day of my life.