All About that Pret Life

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like Pret.

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Don’t Worry, I’m Not Dying

Sometimes it's good to remind yourself of some things.

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My Alec Baldwins

Oh, those? Those are just my Alecs.

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My Trivial Problems With Trump

I'm privileged enough to merely be annoyed by him without having my life threatened.

Ask The Asshole Commenting on Your Friend’s Facebook Status

Out of nowhere, The Asshole Commenting on Your Friend's Facebook Status brings you the truth you didn't ask for.

Quiz: Is That Cool?

How well do you know how my day is going?


Horace and Pete’s Refreshingly Patient Episode 3

In the latest episode of a show still finding its footing, Laurie Metcalf is given the space for an amazing performance. There's hope for this show yet.


On Disappearing Completely

Rejecting everything doesn't solve anything.

A Weed Dealer Known Simply as The Guy: High Maintenance Is Back

High Maintenance season two premiered last Friday on HBO.

On The Vulnerability of Exchanging Garfield Drawings

The fear of sharing what you've created never goes away, you just learn to deal with it better.

Made In Brooklyn

I know very little about my parents' courtship or their wedding. I also know very little about the day that I was born. I do, however, know where I was conceived.