On Disappearing Completely

Rejecting everything doesn't solve anything.

On Forced Enthusiasm: I Wanted To Be A Millionaire

When the only requirement is, "Be happy!" I'm out.

Waiting by the Side of the River for a Toaster Oven

"Wait long enough by the side of the river and you will see the body of your enemy floating by." It's either Sun Tzu or Rising Sun, either way, I like it.

My English Teacher’s Life Story Blew My Mind or: How I Got a 5 on My AP English Exam

In high school, I worried about what I thought was my life. Meanwhile, my teacher had lived a hell of a life I never knew about.


Disaster Fantasies

Sometimes thinking about worst-case scenarios in your own life is a luxury.

Facebook Has Become a Problem

How did I get addicted? I mean, it's just a website, right?

Today I’m Thinking About Hillary

I didn't volunteer much but it offers me a glimmer of hope on inauguration day.

The Roommate

I wanted to exorcise some roommate demons and put it all behind me but I found that maybe there wasn't as much there as I thought.

What Being a Tourist in Paris Taught Me About New York

Trying to figure out Paris made me realize that I already live in one of the greatest cities in the world.

The New Year

After the New Year, we're left with the literal and metaphorical hangover of January.


Reading Bukowski's Factotum made me look back at my own jobs.


Everyone Needs Their Coulier

Jagged Little Pill has all the wisdom