Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx May Be Engaged Despite Any Proof They Actually Know Each Other!
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Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes might be engaged! Katie Holmes was spotted shopping in New York’s trendy SOHO neighborhood, with Jamie Foxx nowhere in sight, sporting a new diamond ring. Suffice it to say that it’s within the realm of possibility that it’s an engagement ring from her beau Jaime Foxx!

The two stars, who have literally never been photographed together nor so much as spoken each other’s names publicly, have been keeping their relationship a secret if it does in fact exist. They live on separate coasts and maintain separate lives. Why so coy, you two? Holmes’s rep protected the secrecy of this possible couple saying, “no comment.”

People magazine told us Jamie has been seen wearing a wedding band since January of this year. Is it impossible that that’s a ring from his top-secret nuptials with Katie Holmes? Technically no! So, spill, you two! Are you engaged? Married? Complete and total strangers whose only commonality is celebrity? Which is it?

Perhaps Holmes had a crush on the Ray star after seeing his Oscar winning performance. And just to follow that train of thought, it’s conceivable that Holmes’s daughter Suri is just wild about Jamie if they have actually met. If we were to further test the limits of possibility, it is not inconceivable that the couple might be currently planning a destination wedding in the Tuscan countryside for close family and friends.

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