I Enjoy Drinking Beer
Evil Twin and Mikkeller Brewing

I can’t tell if I’m tapping into the fratty part of me or the hipster Brooklyn part of me but I have become a  fan of craft brews. When I moved to Park Slope, everyone told me to go to Bierkraft. I did. I got a growler. I used it once and then it sat on the top of my refrigerator for a year. But, like everyone else, I used the non-blizzard of 2015 as an excuse to stock up on booze. So, I dusted off the growler. I got some special brew from Other Half Brewery. I don’t even recall the name but it was amazing. I was back in. It was like the months after my twenty-first birthday all over again.

Then I remembered that article about the Danish Brewing twins in the NY Times a year or so ago. It seemed an interesting story but also a luxury one. One Danish brother hates his Danish twin brother because he uses too many ingredients in his craft beer. They’re gypsy brewers which means that they don’t own their own brewery, they contract out breweries to make their recipes. One brother crafts over a hundred different brews a year. The other has a his own beer bar in Greenpoint.

Knowing even this much makes me an honorary asshole.

I’ve now tried both of the Danish twins beers – Evil Twin and Mikkeller. They’re both good but the two Mikkeller beers (Wit Fit and Better Half) I had were great. I even like their graphic design on their cans more. Evil Twin’s Hipster Ale and Molotov Lite (which is only light relative to the regular Molotov Cocktail with 13% alcohol) is good but there’s a strong bite at the end that is a bit much.

I’ve been thinking about home brewing. I’m actually rolling my eyes at myself but I like beer and I truly am curious about how it’s made.

If I ever buy artisanal salt, though, you have my permission to shoot me in the face.

3 thoughts on “I Enjoy Drinking Beer

  1. Rob,

    Give home brew a try. It’s fun. Actually really hard to screw up the kits. Taylor and I have been at it for a year or so…really just to see if we could do it. I’m certainly not replacing home brew with my addiction to new and interesting growler runs; but, fun to do and a rewarding hobby to share with friends. A great set up can be found for under $200…if nothing else you end up with a nice big pot for steamers and lobstah boils.

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