Day 1 – The Silence of the Vuvuzelas
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The World Cup crept up slowly. It perpetually seemed like it was months away. Then I started noticing that every bar on 5th avenue in Park Slope had suddenly christened itself an official World Cup viewing bar. World Cup guides started appearing in my facebook feed.

And then it was simply here. Brazil vs. Croatia.

Have you ever had that dream where you think you have an important final that you didn’t study for? You wake up and you slowly realize that it’s just a dream and everything’s fine. It’s like a wave of relief. I felt that same wave when I realized that there wouldn’t be any more fucking vuvuzelas. After that torturous buzzing during every game of 2010, I could have handled it if every Brazilian brought their own little chalkboard to scratch their nails against during the games.

As a Spurs fan, I was looking for two players. Luka Modric and Paulinho, my former hero and a colossal disappointment, respectively. I knew that Modric couldn’t beat Brazil on his own but I still love watching him play. Beyond that I wanted to see what it was that made Paulinho such a touted signing. A full year of the Premier League and one World Cup game later, I still don’t know.

There really wasn’t much doubt as to who would win this game.  The point was just to watch. The entire tournament opened it’s scoring with an own goal and then we had our first bullshit penalty. All in all, it was a good start to the World Cup. Game on.

We had our first complete bullshit call in the tournament. A complete non-penalty was called. Neymar converted. His second goal was okay but it looked like it could have been saved. And Oscar’s third goal was equally as weak. Outside the eighteen, with the outside of his foot? It was an okay shot but how did it go in?

4 Goals

Croatia, Marcello (OG) – I felt pretty bad for him in the moment. Scoring against your own team on your home soil during the first game of the match. But I knew Brazil would turn it around soon.

Brazil, Neymar – This was a non-penalty and Pletikosa got his hands to it but a goal’s a goal, I guess.

Brazil, Neymar – An outside shot into the bottom right corner. I really think Pletikosa should have done better.

Brazil, Oscar – Another outside shot on the ground that beat Pletikosa.

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