Caring for Your New Cast Iron Pan!
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Congrats on making the jump over to cast iron! Teflon is for suckers! You’re going to enjoy the versatility of cooking with your new pan so much you won’t ever want to go back. And the best part? It lasts forever!

But you do need to take care of it. In order to prolong the life of your pan and give it its non-stick surface, you’re going to have to season it – not with spices, it’s not that kind of seasoning!

First, Wash Your Pan

Use hot water. A little soap can be okay before you season, but afterwards, skip it. Also, avoid abrasive metal sponges and scrapers.

Wash your cast iron pan with hot water

Coat Your Pan in Oil, Fat, or Shortening

We’re using olive oil here but vegetable shortening or even bacon fat works! Coat the cooking surface of the pan with a thin layer.

Apply a thin coat of oil or fat to your pan.

Bake the Pan

This is the essential step! Pre-heat the oven to 325 degrees and then put the pan on a rack, face down. Put some tin foil down for drips of oil or fat. Leave it in for an hour. Allow the pan to cool fully before removing.

Bake your pan at 325 for an hour.

Indulge the Pan

After all that, your pan needs to relax! You don’t have to take it to a spa (who can fit in a spa these days?) but definitely pamper the pan.

Indulge your pan.

Forgive the Pan for the Affair

Listen, the pan made a mistake. The pan isn’t perfect but – newsflash – neither are you! Talk to the pan and listen. Don’t just wait to talk. Really listen.

Forgive your pan for the affair.

Don’t Let the Pan Use the Internet

It’s just going to try to get in touch with its birth parents and that is a road the pan does not want to go down.

Don't let the pan use the internet.

Do Not Lend the Pan Money

It’s just going to go right up its nose. We’ve been through this too many damn times. Speaking of which…

Don't lend the pan money.

Take the Pan to its AA Meeting

It only works if the pan works it!

Take the pan to its AA meeting.

Drive the Pan Downtown

Take a left on Main and then a right… right here, yeah, here. Now look, keep the engine running, the pan just has to go inside to take care of something. Keep. The engine. Running. The pan needs you to be cool. Are you cool? Cool. The pan’ll be right back.

Drive the pan downtown.

Et Voila!

Your pan is ready to use. Remember to always keep it dry and the best way to keep it in good condition? Use it a lot! And if you ever get a call in the middle of the night asking for the pan, hang up immediately! Get cooking!

Your pan is ready to go.

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